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The Wedding Details

It’s the little things that makes a huge difference when it all comes together. After a year of accumulating the little details that would make my wedding decoration gel together, I was amazed at how well my mind’s eye worked and I wouldn’t deny that I had doubts about my own abilities. As part of the tradition to serve tea to our elders, we sought to seek a cheaper solution to buying an entire traditional chinese teapot set that would have otherwise made a dent in our pockets. With that being said, I really wished my Grumpy was around for me to serve him tea. Without a doubt, he would have made me use the same tea set that my mother used, alas, it was not to be and that particular tea set couldn’t be found for my wedding day. I am really in love with our canvas print that came out beautifully. Can’t wait for our new place to arrive so that this beauty can head up onto a wall for all to admire. …

The Wedding Florals

Wedding flowers sets the tone for the mood the entire wedding. They tell a lot about the bride’s personality through her choices. That is why, I’ve came to realize that a florist is really important and it is best to pick a great one who is able to translate your visions into a reality. When we were deciding on our florist, we set a few criteria to help us narrow down: Experienced Florist One who has done large scaled weddings and is able to give examples outside of their social media webpages One who can handle David Austin Roses, as these roses loses their smell after 3 days and the florist needs to know how to prepare the flowers prior Reasonably priced for the items that we require Finding a florist who fits these criteria isn’t easy. Eventually, we narrowed it down to Floral Magic, Fiona Treadwell and Auntie SL. Both Floral Magic and Fiona were wonderful and we had a great time discussing our wedding. However, their pricing was a little steep for what …

The Wedding Set-Up

Every wedding differs mainly due to the level of effort placed into the little details. The work that goes behind the scenes to achieve a certain level of perfection is astonishing and there has to be a level of trust for the team helping out. I find it really amazing that a team of 8 could get all the Paper Rosettes fluffed, styled and set up within 3 hours. That includes a trip to Macdonalds dinner & delicious bubble tea, multiple trips to get batteries, and emergency run to get more lights. That being said, I am grateful that my team works well under immense pressure and a tight timeline. Just in case you were wondering, nope, they are not professionals.