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Filmshots | Japan

During our memorable trip to Japan last November, I took the chance to allow myself to view the world through my lens again. Lately, I’ve stopped photography for the most part and just allowed myself to be photograph only what I want to remember. I want to remember, the blooming of these beautiful flowers even as the trees shed their leaves in preparation for Winter. To remember my wonderful husband who is constantly behind the lens and always being my favourite travel partner. Remember that moment when my best friend dressed up in a Kimono and walked the streets of Arashiyama. To celebrate our friendship and to be thankful that she is a wonderful Mama to my godson, C. Filmshots is a series that showcases memories documented on film, to see more of those on these series, click here.  Captured with the Nikon F2 and Portra 400

For the love of Kobe

Mornings are usually best spent wandering down Osaka’s Kuromon Market eating up a feast. Even after a week, one can still wander down the Market and never get bored. Traveling with a child means taking things slow and we loved it. We took the train from Osaka to Kobe via Kyoto. The ride was really enjoyable as it meant that we could take all the time we wanted and this makes a huge difference with a child in tow. We stopped at Kyoto for lunch, got really yummy chocolates from the Kit Kat Chocolatory and visited the Pokemon centre. If you’ve not figured out by now, we are basically 4 grown up kids gallivanting around Japan with a 14 month in tow. Kobe is a beauty. Whilst our main purpose was really to have Kobe Beef for dinner, we still managed to make our way up to the Kobe Ropeway and Herb Garden for an afternoon stroll. The view from the top was breathtaking, but the ride up on the ropeway saw my Acrophobia taking …

Universal Studios Japan

Over the last 7 years, I’ve often visited Universal Studios Singapore and it has provided me with tonnes of memories. When Universal Studios Japan (USJ) introduced the Harry Potter world, I knew it was a trip I had to make. When the opportunity arose from our crazy impromptu trip to Japan, I jumped at the chance to squeeze it into our trip. Planning the trip to USJ with a 14 month old child was a challenge and we were skeptical that it would work out. After much research and planning, we decided to take the risk (child switch doesn’t really work in USS) and bought the tickets from JTB Singapore due to the great pricing that they had. However, we got the Universal Express 7 from Klook as they did not sell them at JTB. We arrived at the Universal City Station at 8.30am in the morning and decided to have breakfast outside of USJ since the park only opens at 9am.  However, it was a huge mistake as the queue to enter the park was …

Lost in translation | Osaka

Growing up in a small cityscape like Singapore, and in between cultures, like most Singaporeans, I’ve always had a sense of wanderlust. Travel is an addictive thing, and I’ve always looked forward to it becoming a meaningful part of my life. Honestly, it’s easy to feel depressed about the many awful things that are happening but at the same time, when you get out there, you realize how awesome the planet is. There are much to discover, that is both wonderful and humbling. Curiosity is a definite travel essential – to understand the culture, the people and to ask questions to better understand. It’s like a good book that you can’t wait to read, yet, it also requires patience and the attitude of letting everything takes its natural course. When I travel, I usually do my fair share of research and with time, I came to realize that the best moments are not engineered, and it those serendipitous encounters makes people fall in love with travel. Traveling with an open mind and no expectations is …

Filmshots | Taipei

Back in March, we took a impromptu trip to Taipei with 2 of my closest friends. As it was Ben’s very first trip to Taipei and we were really excited to show him our favourite haunts. We ate loads of street food that were in our stomachs before photographs could be taken. Being able to pick up my camera after a long hiatus away from it feel strange and it took me a while to adjust back to really “seeing” again. I’m glad I’m back on my feet and since the wedding is over, it is time to get going again. Filmshots is a series that showcases memories documented on film, to see more of those on these series, click here.  Captured with the Nikon F2 and Portra 400

Turning a year older

This year’s birthday is probably the best I’ve ever had – a surprise birthday party the night before we flew off, weekend trip to Perth, spending quality with my bestie and her family, birthday dinner at my favourite Ciao Italia and having churros on a rainy winter birthday night with my fiance and girlfriend from University. My last birthday before marriage was a success. In the year to come, I can only hope that I’d have more energy to deal with more wedding planning and not turn into a Bridezilla. Time has really flown by and looking back really helps me appreciate all the trials and adversities that I’ve been through. It made me the person I’ve became and I hope it would continue to mold me as I take on new roles – a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister in law. Cheers to another year of crazy adventures!