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Chasing the Sun

During my University years, I found myself rediscovering my love for photography. I have came to appreciate beautiful places and the painstaking work that the photographers take to capture those moments. Whilst booking a holiday getaway to Bali, I recalled an acquaintance’s beautiful engagement photos and had decided to contact Adi of Evermotion Photo┬áin hopes of scoring a session with him. With a good deal of coordination and luck, we settled on a date for it. The photography session was filled with laughter, fun and tonnes of effort not to burst out laughing. Thank you, Adi. I’m so in love with the photos and I am ever grateful for your team’s hardwork.

I think I’m gonna marry you

After four blissful years together, Ben and I are engaged. One fine February Sunday evening, we went to the really beautiful Marina Barrage to fly kites. The sky was filled with kites as families picnic on the grass and children run around trying to keep their kites out of each other’s way. As I had my camera trained onto a really cute little kid, I had heard sounds of familiar giggles, I spun around. There they were, our closest friends in a single file with huge grins on their faces as they handed me an envelope. There it the moment I’ve waited for all my life, and my silly boy has decided to write me a love letter. Before I knew it, he was down on his knees holding a ring saying the words “Will you marry me?” As I uttered the words “Yes, I will”, I found myself fighting back the tears that had suddenly overwhelmed me. It wasn’t a total surprise since we had picked out the stone a year ago, yet, it …