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Kitchen Inspiration

I’ve always have dreams about how I wanted my kitchen to be like. I’ve started a new pinterest board for inspiration for this particular project. I’m a tad worried, but I think we would get there eventually. Here’s a few kitchens that I’m totally in love with, but due to budget issues, we might have to do a version of it instead. I love the idea of a dark colour and here’s to hoping that I can get some of the beautiful quartz countertops in. Sources: 1. House Beautiful | 2. Postcards from the ridge | 3. My domaine | 4. HGTV

Home Tour | Bare Bones

A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams. – Anonymous Exciting changes are happening in our lives! I’m super stoked that the house we have bought 4 years ago has finally been completed. Sometimes I forget how daunting the wait seems when we first put down the deposit. In hindsight, I am always amazed at how fast time flies by. First up on what will be called the “Bare bones” tour is the living & dining area.  This is the living and dining area from the front door. The space is pretty small, but we have plans to make it feel really homely and turn it into a space we want to spend some quality down time in. Next up is the kitchen, it’s huge for a relatively tiny house. An empty canvas is the best way to fill it up without having to massive hacking and overlaying. Basically there are two identical bedrooms and the master bedroom is a tad bigger. It might not seem like …