Our Wedding

Bali Engagement 7

Initially, I had wanted to keep our wedding planning a secret. Until I remembered all the beautiful blog posts in the internet, where brides journal down their journey to marriage and I thought “Why not?”, it’s tacky in certain ways, but this journey is my very own.

1. Set our date & booked the venue
We blocked out a date on our calendar that we loved, and with it confirmed, we started planning and making decisions. Our ceremony & lunch reception would be at my dad’s church, so everything revolves around it in a certain manner. When they told us that the date we initially wanted was out of the option as it was Easter weekend, I was crushed. We eventually settled for a slightly later date and managed to secure our venue!

2. Asked our wedding entourage
We loved surprising our entourage. Shopping for their gifts were undoubtedly the hardest thing we’ve had to tackle.

3. Got our engagement photos taken in Bali

5. Found a photographer that we love
As photography loving enthusiast, finding the perfect photographer for us was quite an arduous task. Those that looks absolutely marvelous on Instagram had loads of flaws in their portfolio and most of the time, we were sent back to the drawing block.

Eventually, we decided to go with Nathan Wu. His works are really beautiful pieces of art and I am really excited to see those wonderful photographs.

6. Purchased my wedding dress & wedding shoes
As a plus-sized bride in Singapore, buying a beautiful gown is really tough. I can’t believe I had managed to find an awesome gown maker whom I adore & had a gown made for my special day.

7. Designed our wedding suite & wedding program

8. We made a 2-tiered paper crafted cake
I love cake, but combine the fragility of a buttercream cake and Singapore’s humidity, it spells disaster. So when the Eureka moment came and we decided to create a 2-tiered paper cake instead.

9. The Wedding Set-Up
Behind every successful wedding, is a team of super elves. We were really lucky to have a few to call our own. Without them, our wedding couldn’t have been a success.

10. The Wedding Florals & Details
As a lover of flowers, it is always essential for me to get the flower details right. I’ve always dreamed of those perfect flowers and I am glad I’ve found a wonderful florist who made it possible.

11. We got married!

12. Our Wedding Portraits
Before our wedding ceremony, we’ve decide to take some beautiful portraits for our own memories and the wonderful canvases we would eventually print for our home.

13. Our Ceremony
It was totally us. Simple yet elegant and without compromise.

14. Our Reception
Making the tough decision to keep our reception really small was possibly the best thing we did for our wedding. We aren’t ones for big parties, instead, we chose intimate settings and quality time.

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