The Adventures of Pepper and Tato

Hello! We are Tato & Pepper.

We are two Holland lops that lives with our human parents in hot and humid Singapore. This page is a chronicle of our family’s adventures after the sudden passing of our first sibling, Toffee. Recently, we lost our beloved brother – Oreo whom we believe is at the rainbow bridge waiting to reunited with us.

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24 November 2016

Daddy’s studying for his final papers while Mummy packs for their trip. This means that I would need to catch up on my beauty sleep before they send me off to Auntie Jennifer’s.

19 November 2016

What do you mean you are going to Japan?! Bring me along! I demand my freedom.

16 November 2016

Mummy caught me between the sheets. Sheesh, she doesn’t know I peed on the blankets.

15 November 2016

I’m a survivor! I’m going to make sure Mummy and Daddy gives me endless headrubs!

I love to loaf, munch and have tonnes of fun!

9 November 2016

Look what my parents did! They are monitoring us! Where’s our PRIVACY?!

3 November 2016

I miss my buddy – Oreo.

26 August 2016, Friday
img_7119Hi! My name is Tato, read about my story here!

1 October 2015, Monday 

Wake me up when September ends…

Hello friends, it’s finally October!! Mama and Papa’s friends should have awoken! Mama says we are going to celebrate Pepper’s 2nd birthday to with a Big Bang!

29 September 2015, Tuesday

Oreo: Mummy didn’t come by today. She has been feeling really sick with the super duper high PSI. We love mummy. She always makes sure that we have enough food and would nag at daddy if he is a little late. Did you know mummy bought us 2 air purifiers so that we wouldn’t suffer for breathing problems?! Mummy is awesome, of course, daddy is awesome too!

Pepper: Oh who cares Oreo. I’m going to eat up all your Burgess and leave none for you. Next time just talk less and munch more!

28 September 2015, Monday

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

This morning, I went on an adventure with Pepper. We’ve used the Marauder’s Map and noticed that Mummy wasn’t around, so we decided that we should wake daddy at 5.40am. We jumped up onto the soft fluffy wonderland and hopped around before finally sitting on daddy. Naughty daddy decided to shoo us off the bed even when we pretended that all we wanted was to cuddle with him.

We plotted another bunny riot and decided to pee on the spot where daddy would step on. Guess what?! Daddy stepped on the pee!!! Wee~ It’s so funny because daddy was trying to rush out of the house and he had to brush his teeth while cleaning our smelly pee. Then we decided to add more poo into the mix so that we can bully daddy for a little longer & make him late.

All is well in our bunny world now, so it’s time to wipe the map. “Mischief managed!!”

23 September 2015, Wednesday

Pepper: Last Saturday, Mummy and Daddy took us to meet other girl bunnies from Bunny Wonderland to see if we wanted to have a new friend. Oreo is a real Casanova, he loved all the attention that the girls were giving him. Me on the other hand, I really missed my Toffee. My daddy didn’t get the hint while we were there, so I decided to be really rebellious & hopped into my carrier and demanded to be brought home.
Oreo: Sheesh Pepper! Why do you always give me away? I’m such a handsome creature, which girl wouldn’t love me. Hurmp, because you jumped into the carrier, now I’ve got to be home with you and mummy is stalking us again! No mummy, I don’t want anymore pictures taken! You better behave or I’d pee on the bed!!

17 September 2015, Thursday
I’m really missing Toffee today. Mummy told me she is really sad that Toffee isn’t going to turn 2 with them. As a treat, Mummy would be staying at home with us tomorrow!! Yippie!!

13 September 2015, SundayIMG_3610

Mummy has been really sneaky. She wakes up really early in the morning and caught us cuddling together. Mummy really needs a new and better iPhone.

8 September 2015, Tuesday
Oreo Pepper Polling day
Polling day is looming and we have decided that we would vote for PBP [Papa Bunny Party]. We are confident that he will win this elections with delicious carrots, dills and loads of Romaine Lettuce. Vote for PAPA BUNNY PARTY!! Hip Hip Hurray!!

7 September 2015, Monday
We are the bosses and you are our slaves…

Daddy got a shock this evening when he came home from work. We threw a bunny riot and moved our cardboard box out of it’s usually spot and placed it by the bed. Now it’s time to chill until daddy gets us the freshly bought vegetable salad mummy bought us.

4 September 2015, Friday
The weekends are here! Mummy and Daddy will be home all day to give us headrubs! Now we can guilt trip mummy into buying us nicer vegetables since she hasn’t came by for awhile now.

1 September 2015, Tuesday
We love headrubs from Daddy, he gives us the best massages ever. We often fight over who would get headrubs first, but daddy is always fair. He massages us at the same time.

24 August 2015, Monday
Oreo: “Mummy seems a little happier today, she came back yesterday telling me that she found her dream dress. I am happy that mummy has cheered up! She bought us our favourite Romaine lettuce. So yummy!”

21 August 2015, Friday
Pepper: “It has been one week since Toffee left us for the rainbow bridge and mummy has been crying again. I wish I could make mummy and daddy feel better, but I’m missing my Toffee too much”

20 August 2015, Thursday
Our first day home after spending slightly more than a week away at Auntie Jennifer’s house. We tried to look for Toffee when we got home, she isn’t in all her usual spots. Mummy and Daddy told us she has gone to the rainbow bridge and would wait for us to reunite with her one day.

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