In loving Memory of Toffee

ToffeeOur beloved Toffee darling passed away peacefully on August 14, 2015 with Oreo and Pepper by her side. Toffee was really ill with G.I. Statis and she had fought hard to get better. We loved her deeply and fought for her when little body couldn’t fight anymore.

We love you little Toffee girl, we will cherish all the beautiful memories that you’ve given us. Blinky free onto the Rainbow bridge.

Her Story

In December 2013, I walked by a pet store near my office and fell in love with an adorable Holland Lop that started my love affair with rabbits. I would walk by everyday to visit the Holland Lop that I nicknamed “Loppy”. Eventually, Loppy found a home and I went in search of a rabbit to call my own.

Ben and myself eventually fell heads over heels with our little girl whom we named “Toffee”. We soon learnt to love and treasure the crazy amounts of blinkies she used to do and her curious nature. She was an excellent escape artist. Much of her younger days was staring at the “forbidden” areas that we had fenced up to keep her safe, which, she eventually found ways of getting into.

Toffee and PepperA feisty little princess who found her soulmate in Pepper, they went on little adventures together, exploring the room and hiding out of our sight when they were plotting mischief.

Despite all her antics that kept us busy, she was always affectionate and expressive about her feelings. She would “grumble” in disapproval whenever I groomed her, although we suspect she secretly loves it. In the mornings, she would jump onto our bed and sit on our heads to wake us up. She loves headrubs and would get jealous when we didn’t give her enough of them.

We struggled with her for a while as she went through the nasty phase with Oreo where she would nib him out of jealousy. The results of her jealousy meant that bonding the 3 of them as a trio took us a year. After the bonding was firm, we could see a huge change in her. She was affectionate towards the boys and would groom them in turn.