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Filmshots | Japan

During our memorable trip to Japan last November, I took the chance to allow myself to view the world through my lens again. Lately, I’ve stopped photography for the most part and just allowed myself to be photograph only what I want to remember. I want to remember, the blooming of these beautiful flowers even as the trees shed their leaves in preparation for Winter. To remember my wonderful husband who is constantly behind the lens and always being my favourite travel partner. Remember that moment when my best friend dressed up in a Kimono and walked the streets of Arashiyama. To celebrate our friendship and to be thankful that she is a wonderful Mama to my godson, C. Filmshots is a series that showcases memories documented on film, to see more of those on these series, click here.  Captured with the Nikon F2 and Portra 400

Wanderlust | Scenic Kyoto

Kyoto plays a huge part in Japan’s history, once a Capital city, it’s now a beautiful city steep in history and infused in nature. Many of Kyoto’s tourist attractions has been appearing on my instagram feed for years, and it would have been a real pity if we didn’t visit some of them. We visited Kyoto on 2 separate days, and we loved it. On one of those days, we took the train to visit the Arashiyama bamboo forest, we were slightly disappointed that we couldn’t get a ticket for the Sagano Romantic Train, that was said to be the best way to view the autumn foilage. To make up for the disappointment, we snacked on the delicious homemade Strawberry Mochi that was being sold in tiny carts and shopped in traditional stores of unique gifts. The crowds to the bamboo forest was staggering, especially when we have a child in tow, so we made a decision to pop into a random Udon place for lunch in hopes that the crowd would dissipate. The Udon …