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Filmshots | Bali Wanderlust

Bali is an absolute paradise for those who desires beautiful landscapes, mouthwatering food, cheap alcohol and wonderful coffee. I love a good getaway, but Bali can been overwhelming at times with thousands of tourist swarming the popular destinations. Alas, nothing remains untouched for too long in the world filled with wanderlust driven explorers. Filmshots is a series that showcases memories documented on film, to see more of those on these series, click here.  Captured with the Leica M7 with Portra 400

Chasing the Sun

During my University years, I found myself rediscovering my love for photography. I have came to appreciate beautiful places and the painstaking work that the photographers take to capture those moments. Whilst booking a holiday getaway to Bali, I recalled an acquaintance’s beautiful engagement photos and had decided to contact Adi of Evermotion Photo in hopes of scoring a session with him. With a good deal of coordination and luck, we settled on a date for it. The photography session was filled with laughter, fun and tonnes of effort not to burst out laughing. Thank you, Adi. I’m so in love with the photos and I am ever grateful for your team’s hardwork.

Moments before twilight

During our trip to Bali, we headed to the beach. The coffee we had prior to our stroll to the beach was rendered useless due to the fatigue from the engagement photography session we had earlier in the day. Sunsets were always our favourite. That evening, in it’s beautiful hide and seek state, it decided to painted the sky like a beautiful painting with an array of colours that took my breathe away. He took my hand as we strolled down the beach. The closeness of him, and the way his hands holds on to mine, stirs something deep within me. Something that reminds me of how privileged I am to be his partner. In that moment, I realized, I am content and happy to travel the world with Ben. I am secure and would gladly spend the rest of my days globetrotting with only him by my side. Location: Seminyak Beach, Bali Shot with Leica M7 and Portra 400