Bali Engagement 5

My name is Sherlyn A. Chan.

Bounded by wanderlust and curiosity, I love traveling and enjoy the immense thrill of flying. When I am grounded, I enjoy spending time with my family, my husband – S. Benjamin, my three rabbits – Silly Tato and Calm Pepper; and my two  Miniature Schnauzers – the moody Zappa; and my puppy eyed soft toy stealing Zara.

My love for books, photography, calligraphy, flowers and travel is the very essence of why I write. To share the beauty of these things with others. The intention of Adorn&Reverie is never to become famous. Instead, I wish to use this tiny space in the vast internet to share my experiences and things that I love.

Feel free drop me a little note to say hi, or to ask me questions at sherbigraphy[at]gmail.com

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