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Currently | May Edition

Researching: on the styles I would want for our new house. There are too many things that I love, but I know it wouldn’t be practical for my place.

Planning: for my upcoming trip to Japan with my family. I’m feeling a little nervous as it’s been almost 8 years since I’ve traveled with them. My traveling styles has changed greatly since I was a teenager and that makes me nervous, especially when my father is often critical of my choices.

Coping: with jetlag and the humidity after the glorious sunshine & cooling weather in London. The 25 degrees Celsius change in temperature has really made my body scream in horror.

Celebrating: B’s very first business trip with his new company, and it goes without saying, I tagged along and made a trip out of it. I am really happy to have met some of the people he works with and I do like them quite a fair bit.

img_6592Loving: the wonderful time that I’ve had in the UK on my own, wandering through the streets of various cities and falling deeply in love with the Kew Gardens. The gardens has given me the opportunity to spend some alone time and mourning the fact that I was visiting one of those places my mother would have loved to visit.

Listening: Beauty and the Beast – Voctave. I am totally in love with their voices and there’s no auto-tune! Hurrah!!

Reading: The Defenders of Shannara Series by Terry Brooks. As a teenager, I’ve always been a fan of Terry Brooks and Raymond E Feist. I do believe that I was greatly influenced by my mother who was a bibliophile with a penchant for mysteries and fantasy books.


Grateful: for the timely trip out of an unexpected circumstances that allowed for 4 glorious days with my best friend and godson, C. They returned home when I needed support and distraction the most.

Learning: how to be patient with C, and how our actions are often mimicked by the little ones who are watching. They really pick up nonsense that we utter in an instance.

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