Japan, Osaka
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Universal Studios Japan

USJOver the last 7 years, I’ve often visited Universal Studios Singapore and it has provided me with tonnes of memories. When Universal Studios Japan (USJ) introduced the Harry Potter world, I knew it was a trip I had to make. When the opportunity arose from our crazy impromptu trip to Japan, I jumped at the chance to squeeze it into our trip.

Planning the trip to USJ with a 14 month old child was a challenge and we were skeptical that it would work out. After much research and planning, we decided to take the risk (child switch doesn’t really work in USS) and bought the tickets from JTB Singapore due to the great pricing that they had. However, we got the Universal Express 7 from Klook as they did not sell them at JTB.

We arrived at the Universal City Station at 8.30am in the morning and decided to have breakfast outside of USJ since the park only opens at 9am. 

However, it was a huge mistake as the queue to enter the park was massive. We stood in the queue for 20 minutes whilst attempting to entertain a 14 month old child whom only wanted to run around.

The moment we entered, we made a beeline for the Flying Dinosaur as it was the one attraction that we’ve heard loads about, but our Express didn’t include. 

Prior to entering the queue, we asked the staff for the Child Switch option that they had. The child switch was a life saver, especially with Cas in tow. We were able to queue as a group, reach a certain point of the queue and 2 of us would take Cas into the waiting while the other 2 heads onto the ride. When we were done, the other couple would zoom to the front of the queue whilst Cas is being entertained. This was an excellent option as it had space for Cas to play and be distracted.

The staff were really nice, they played with Cas, made funny faces and noise to get his attention when we were attempting to get a group shot. They even gave him cute little stickers!

Harry Potter World is the bomb! I love the pine trees that lined the path towards Hogsmeade and I felt like I was being transported out of Japan into my favourite fantasy land. They had the Flying Ford Anglia in the forest before you reach the gates of Hogsmeade and it’s a perfect photo opportunity.


The Hogwarts Express and the train conductor greets you the moment you enter the town. Piped music plays throughout the zone, setting the mood as you walk through the town towards the castle.

dscf3250dscf3248We took the 4D ride (which made everyone sick) and spent a huge amount of time there, where we bought wands, tried the robes, lunched at the 3 broomsticks, took tonnes of photos and simply soaked it all in.

img_2618img_2619Do head back after the sun sets and you would find a totally different environment. It makes me wonder how beautiful it would be if it was a real town.


We wandered into the Universal Wonderland for Cas and he had an awesome time playing catching with Cookie Monster. The Cookie Monster actually played catching with Cas and he was just giggling non-stop.


I would really recommend USJ to everyone even if you have a young child. They will have a wonderful time, but be sure to go as a group to do the Child Switch. It’s worth to note that even with the fast pass, planning and optimising our time, it was not a walk in the park and we didn’t finish the entire park. 

Captured by S. Benjamin and myself with the Fujifilm X100T & iPhone 7

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