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Currently: Feb Edition

Listening: Music from La La Land and other renditions of the songs from the album. Honestly, music helps to lift my spirits when I think about the tough work day I am about to deal with. My latest favourite rendition is an advanced jazz cover, and I am totally in love.

Watching: Riverdale! OMG, watching my favourite comic in a totally different medium has became my latest obsession. Not forgetting my all time favourite, Grey’s Anatomy.

Reading: The Queen of Tearling by Erika Johansen. I’ve always been a huge fan of magical and fantasy books. This book is a great read, as is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. However, if you’ve read books by Terry Brooks or Raymond E. Feist, these would not be able to match up to their well developed writing styles.


Amazed: by the beautiful wedding at the S.E.A Aquarium. Having the fishes swim around while dinner was served is truly a treat.

Looking: to restart Yoga classes. Since I changed jobs, I’ve really neglected my health a fair bit and when I chanced upon a yoga studio near the office, I am considering the option to restart.

Surprised: at how time is flying by in an instance. February is almost over and I am not ready to face March yet.

img_4521Grateful: That I’ve managed to spend a few days with my godson, Cas. He lives 2427 miles across the ocean from me and when I do get to spend time with him, it constantly feels like it’s never enough.

Planning: a small getaway before Ben starts a new job. Perhaps, we would head down to Perth, but wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend time with Cas. Alternatively, we can head off to some other Asian countries that we’ve never explored.

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