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La La Land

“Here’s to the ones who dream
Foolish, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make”

When I watch a movie, I usually do minimal research and try to avoid reviews. I try not to form a certain impression of a movie, and I fear nothing more than spoilers. So when I caught “La La Land” a couple of weeks ago, I was honestly surprised to learn that it was a musical just moments before the movie started.

Throughout the movie, I found myself tapping along with the music and being captivated by the beautifully composed music. Emma Stone, oh boy, where do I even start with her? Who knew that her chemistry with Ryan Gosling would be so awesome? Also, Ryan had me mesmerized by his piano skills. For someone who doesn’t play the piano to pick up skills and be convincing over the duration of a film is truly commendable.

The film tells a lot of truths about romantic relationships. There are always a million possibilities about how relationships may turn out, however, if it pans out the way we want, we might never attain what we are meant to do. Fate might play a cruel joke on the star-crossed lovers, but sometimes, it is for the best.

Sidenote: I’m still tapping to the catchy tunes whenever the album pops up on my playlist. Totally in love with the album and the show, catch it if you can! 


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