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Let’s Eat | Open Farm Community

The daily habits of scrolling through Instagram has seen me flicking through countless beautiful Instagram photos of the “new kid on the block”, Open Farm Community. Being slow to the cafe hunting game, due to the lack of private transportation, I’ve never really headed down to the new joint until recently.

Since I’ve joined a new firm, it’s became a ritual for me to catch up with XT over delicious food, usually on Fridays. Dashing into her car one Friday afternoon to escape the choking haze, I was met with an exclaimation “Let’s try Open Farm Community! It looks delicious!”. We took a short drive to Demsey Hill with our fingers crossed, in hopes that the restuarant isn’t full.

As the car’s tyres met with the sounds of gravel, we were transported to an Urban Farm. The concept of the Open Farm Community (OFC) meant that the cafe uses farm-to-table herbs and vegetables, and it’s as close to the “country-side” as we can get, just a couple of minutes from the city.

We greeted warmly at the door and promptly shown to the communal table situated in front of the kitchen. As we sat down, the indoor sittings were promptly filled as conversations peppered through the air.

The Rigatoni cooked with local mushrooms, smoked pancetta, stilton in balsamic reduction. The balsamic reduction was almost a perfection and the meal left me wanting more.

Side order of the 3 in 1 Sweet Corn platter consists of the deliciously juicy grilled corn, baby corn and popcorn.

Coconut laksa barramundi, crushed potato cake, bok choy

Chicken katsu burger, carrot spaghetti, white cabbage chiffonade, curly fries, lime & Japanese mayo – a truly interesting combination.

Our post-lunch routine usually includes a trip to the Common Man Coffee next door.

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

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