Baby C, Letters from the heart
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Happy 1st Bee-day, C!

Dear C,

It’s been almost 1.5 years since your mum told me that she was expecting you. That moment when she told me about you was one filled with mixed emotions, especially since we’ve lost your older siblings previously. Your arrival took a huge rock off my chest and it was being replaced by pride and joy. Baby boy, you did well.

The last year was tough, spending most of my time an ocean away from you meant that I couldn’t cuddle you, spend time with your parents or be there when your mummy needed help. Yet, I am glad that even from afar, I’ve always been kept up to date with your progress with the daily photo / video. 

As you turn ONE, I wanted to let you know that we want to celebrate all those moments – The first time I saw you and snuggled up with you, the first time I heard you cry when you were separated from mummy, to the first few steps that you took unassisted right in front of me. We are celebrating the nights you kept mum and dad up, the days that you spent at the park with your parents, the falls you had while trying to walk and the new adventures to the aquarium.

Happy Birthday my beloved busy bee! It has been an honor to be your godmother. I am looking forward to spending more time with you and being there when you need me both physically (if possible) and electronically.

Lots of Love,

Captured by S. Benjamin with his beautiful Sony A7M2 and myself on the iPhone 7

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