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Island Living – Seminyak Style

As the cloud of gloom settles over the post-nuptial bliss of my wedding, I sat at my desk confronted by the triple-digit email inbox that awaited my attention, I decided, I needed a break and a change of environment. Coincidentally, my husband had decided that we should pack our bags and head away to Bali for a vacation over my birthday weekend. Tickets were booked 2 months in advance and the countdown towards our trip started ticking.

We left Singapore on a rainy Friday afternoon, happy to be escaping the harsh reality of the working world. Despite arriving 3 hours earlier for our flight, we’ve managed to be royally late for our flight. (Blame it on Changi’s wealth of duty-free shopping and our pre-flight ritual of alcohol dosage)

Two hours later, we land in the light of the beautiful full moon with the evening breeze gently blowing on our skin. We were met with our drive who drove us through town, braving through the evening to get our Mobile Data card. We drive past familiar landscapes and our favourite restuarants to Seminyak, where we pulled up to the newly opened Ibis Styles Petitenget.

The latest hotel on the Ibis Styles chain, Petitenget was in a great location for the budget travellers. Just 10 minutes away from Seminyak Central, it has a wide variety of restuarants within walking distance that is worthy of a visit.

After a good night’s rest, we find ourselves, strolling along the streets of Seminyak  in thick 35 degree heat, the sun blazing down relentlessly on our faces. The delight of finding new alleyways and rediscovering old favourites was not lost on us as we basked in the joy of being back on the beautiful island.

We break for a short reprieve from the relentless sun, at one of Seminyak’s best coffee house, Revolver Espresso. The cafe was packed to the brim with tourist who found the gem that is located just off the main Seminyak area, the coffee tastes exactly the way we’ve remembered it.

After a session at a spa and a facial session that was underwhelming at best, we decided to devote our time to being on the beach since it was almost time for sunset. Crowds of people flock to the sea, digging their toes into the sand to feel it’s warmth and simply enjoying the breeze in their faces, we aren’t so different afterall.

With the final salutation to the non-existent sunset, we dusted our feet after an hour, and made our way to our dinner reservation at La Lucciola, under the gloomy cloudy sky.

The selection of food available was great, and I really appreciated the availability of gluten free options. We shared conversations over dinner and simply watched the world go by. It was one of those rare wonderful, authentic moments that can’t be scripted.

Captured by S. Benjamin with his beautiful Sony A7M2

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