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Hello, I’m Tato

Meet Tato “Mongmong” Chan. He is a beautiful bunny we spotted at our bunny-sitter’s home and when we found out he was abandoned by his previous owner, our hearts broke. His previous home situation was bad, one where he was locked up in a storeroom with only pellets and no fresh hay. We were super happy when he was rescued and given a second chance.

It took us 3 months of long discussions with our bunny-sitter, affectionately known as “Aunty Jen” to our boys. Initially, we were rather hesitant as Pepper didn’t do well at the adoption drive that we had brought him to. However, Jen wasn’t discouraged, she allowed the boys to interact and we finally brought this lovely 3 year old boy home on 23 Feb.

Over the course of the last 6 months, he has became a huge part of lives and without a doubt, he has became my little boy. He is a bunny who can lie beside me while I read, snuggle up with me when he wants the fan, and really just let me love him the way I want to.

A rather belated “Welcome” to my dearest Tato Chan!

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