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Turning Twenty-Nine

My favourite photo of me with my beloved Godson ❤️

I turned Twenty-Nine! Wow, how time has just flown past in an instant. It seems like yesterday when I was celebrating my Twenty-First birthday at home with my friends & family. It’s really hard to imagine that I am in my last year of my twenties.

As I hit my late twenties, I started to prefer an intimate birthday setting in comparison to the bashes that I used to have. Just like the last 2 years, we headed out of the country for a holiday and I must say that I am loving this new tradition. 

This year’s celebration was a relatively quiet one filled with loads of food and just taking a slow stroll down the streets of Ubud. I am super grateful for the cake that the staff from the hotel gave me after singing the birthday song.

I used to be one who would make lists to accomplish for the length of my birthday year and has since ceased doing so. It had occurred to me that I should really live my life and really document real life. So this is a list of things I want to remember from the past year:

  • The crazy wedding planning with its share of tears and laughter
  • Attending my first overseas wedding in Kota Kinabalu and being the only bridesmaid to my dearest SuFei
  • Spending quality time with my beloved godson and being able to watch him grow up into a fine kid.
  • Getting married to the love my life and starting a life together.
  • Traveling to a whooping 4 destination in a year.
  • Learning that real friends stick around while fake ones would just fade away.
  • Grateful to have welcomed another bunny named Tato into our family after tragically losing our baby girl, Toffee
  • A new job that has given me the flexibility to pursue my passion instead of suffocating them.
  • Selling away my faithful car of 6 years and choosing to use the public transportation instead.
  • Renewing friendship with a girlfriend that had faded over the years and being able to have meaningful conversations & meals with her.
  • Gaining a stepbrother and being able to watch him grow into a fine boy.
  • Partially moving in with the husband, with me still shuttling between houses until our very own is ready.

If you would like to read about how I had celebrated my birthday last year, click here.

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