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The Wedding Florals

Wedding flowers sets the tone for the mood the entire wedding. They tell a lot about the bride’s personality through her choices. That is why, I’ve came to realize that a florist is really important and it is best to pick a great one who is able to translate your visions into a reality.


When we were deciding on our florist, we set a few criteria to help us narrow down:

  • Experienced Florist
    • One who has done large scaled weddings and is able to give examples outside of their social media webpages
    • One who can handle David Austin Roses, as these roses loses their smell after 3 days and the florist needs to know how to prepare the flowers prior
  • Reasonably priced for the items that we require

Finding a florist who fits these criteria isn’t easy. Eventually, we narrowed it down to Floral Magic, Fiona Treadwell and Auntie SL. Both Floral Magic and Fiona were wonderful and we had a great time discussing our wedding. However, their pricing was a little steep for what we had wanted. Auntie SL was a recommendation by my best friend, and I’ve seen her works, they were absolutely beautiful.

During the entire process, the only real instructions together with my pinterest board, were these:

  • Main flowers: David Austin’s Kiera
  • Flowers that I dislike: Eustomas
  • Colour Palettes: Pastel pinks & cream with a tinge of purple


Until the flowers arrived, I was constantly fretting over how it would turn out and if I would be in love with them. When I look at those beauties that she came up with, I fell in love with them.

Moral of the story: Always trust your own gut feelings and don’t doubt your choices.

Photography beautifully captured by the really talented Nathan Wu 

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