Month: May 2016

The Wedding Florals

Wedding flowers sets the tone for the mood the entire wedding. They tell a lot about the bride’s personality through her choices. That is why, I’ve came to realize that a florist is really important and it is best to pick a great one who is able to translate your visions into a reality. When we were deciding on our florist, we set a few criteria to help us narrow down: Experienced Florist One who has done large scaled weddings and is able to give examples outside of their social media webpages One who can handle David Austin Roses, as these roses loses their smell after 3 days and the florist needs to know how to prepare the flowers prior Reasonably priced for the items that we require Finding a florist who fits these criteria isn’t easy. Eventually, we narrowed it down to Floral Magic, Fiona Treadwell and Auntie SL. Both Floral Magic and Fiona were wonderful and we had a great time discussing our wedding. However, their pricing was a little steep for what …

Floristry Monday| Round Design

The fundamental of all table arrangement is the Round Arrangement. While my first lesson yielded a beautiful arrangement with a good colour balance, the same can’t be said with the quality of flowers being provided to us for the purpose of the lesson. Part of the takeaway for lesson is really understanding our limited knowledge no matter how long we have been working with flowers. Estimation plays a huge part of the arrangements, knowing how much of the stem to cut and where to put those flowers in – these took more skill than I could ever comprehend. Overall, I’m quite happy with what I’ve learnt and I am really feeling quite excited about the upcoming lessons. I love how Youtube has a great variety of tutorials for people who are starting out and this is my favourite video thus far. Floristry is a series that showcases my journey in the world of flowers, to see more of those on these series, click here.