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Around here | April Edition

Wow, the month really flew by in an instance and all I want to do is remember it for how wonderful it has been.

We got married! After 5 years of dating, we tied the knot. Sometimes it still feels surreal that my ex-boyfriend is now my husband. Oh, how good it feels to be able to roll those words off my tongue.

I quit my job. I couldn’t believe it when I did it. It was like a reprieve, an plug to stop the emotional & mental drain my boss put me through. As my new job starts up in May, I can only hope that my recovery from the drain is speedy.

Learning a new skill. For years, I’ve always bought flowers and chucked them into vases without really knowing what I was doing. After re-evaluating my life, I’ve came to realized how much I’ve lost myself to the rat race and now, I want to rediscover myself. 

My favorite kiddo turns 4. My beloved nephew, Mason turned 4. I love this boy to bits. He came at a time when it was barely a year after my mum died and he filled a hole.

Reading everyday.  I used to read really often, until everything else in life took over. Now, I make an conscious effort to read books. Currently on my list, The Magician King by Lev Grossman.

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