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A Floristry Route

In recent years, the art of floristry has started back on it’s track towards being an essential part of the household. As a floral enthusiast, it was really hard to resist the lure of going back to school, even if it was just to learn floral arrangements. Contrary to what others think, it is really tough at these floral schools where there isn’t always enough time and one really needs to know what they want to get out of these courses.

Initially, I was torn between a hand bouquet class or a traditional table setting class. Then, I made the decision to just simply bit the bullet and head towards the traditional table setting class. My reason is rather simple, as per every thing that I do, I believe in technique over trend.

It is relatively easy to be able to buy a bunch of flowers and just simply chuck them into a beautiful vase that makes it look really pretty. However, it takes skill and technique to be able to do a wet foam arrangement that lasts. Also, I am sure, this helps with the part-time florist gig should I ever feel the need to earn some extra cash.

So for the next 10 weeks, I’d be sharing my floral arrangements from these classes and give my thoughts on them.

Floristry is a series that showcases my journey in the world of flowers, to see more of those on these series, click here

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