Month: April 2016

Around here | April Edition

Wow, the month really flew by in an instance and all I want to do is remember it for how wonderful it has been. We got married! After 5 years of dating, we tied the knot. Sometimes it still feels surreal that my ex-boyfriend is now my husband. Oh, how good it feels to be able to roll those words off my tongue. I quit my job. I couldn’t believe it when I did it. It was like a reprieve, an plug to stop the emotional & mental drain my boss put me through. As my new job starts up in May, I can only hope that my recovery from the drain is speedy. Learning a new skill. For years, I’ve always bought flowers and chucked them into vases without really knowing what I was doing. After re-evaluating my life, I’ve came to realized how much I’ve lost myself to the rat race and now, I want to rediscover myself.  My favorite kiddo turns 4. My beloved nephew, Mason turned 4. I love this boy …

The Wedding Set-Up

Every wedding differs mainly due to the level of effort placed into the little details. The work that goes behind the scenes to achieve a certain level of perfection is astonishing and there has to be a level of trust for the team helping out. I find it really amazing that a team of 8 could get all the Paper Rosettes fluffed, styled and set up within 3 hours. That includes a trip to Macdonalds dinner & delicious bubble tea, multiple trips to get batteries, and emergency run to get more lights. That being said, I am grateful that my team works well under immense pressure and a tight timeline. Just in case you were wondering, nope, they are not professionals.

A Floristry Route

In recent years, the art of floristry has started back on it’s track towards being an essential part of the household. As a floral enthusiast, it was really hard to resist the lure of going back to school, even if it was just to learn floral arrangements. Contrary to what others think, it is really tough at these floral schools where there isn’t always enough time and one really needs to know what they want to get out of these courses. Initially, I was torn between a hand bouquet class or a traditional table setting class. Then, I made the decision to just simply bit the bullet and head towards the traditional table setting class. My reason is rather simple, as per every thing that I do, I believe in technique over trend. It is relatively easy to be able to buy a bunch of flowers and just simply chuck them into a beautiful vase that makes it look really pretty. However, it takes skill and technique to be able to do a wet foam …

Filmshots | Taipei

Back in March, we took a impromptu trip to Taipei with 2 of my closest friends. As it was Ben’s very first trip to Taipei and we were really excited to show him our favourite haunts. We ate loads of street food that were in our stomachs before photographs could be taken. Being able to pick up my camera after a long hiatus away from it feel strange and it took me a while to adjust back to really “seeing” again. I’m glad I’m back on my feet and since the wedding is over, it is time to get going again. Filmshots is a series that showcases memories documented on film, to see more of those on these series, click here.¬† Captured with the Nikon F2 and Portra 400