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Say “Yes” to the Dress: Plus Sized Version

“I firmly believe that what makes you sexy and beautiful is not the size of your body or the colour lipstick you have on. What really makes you sexy is what you project, your confidence, and your self awareness, having a great sense of humour and being really smart.”

–American plus-size model Kate Dillon

Every girl dreams of a beautiful gown for her wedding, even for plus sized girls. Those dreams of fairy-tale weddings can be marred by the lack of a suitable gown. During my journey of searching for a gown to call my own, I’ve hit many road blocks and thought that I would need to search outside of Singapore instead.

After visiting a whole lot of bridal places, I’ve came down to 3 places that carried plus sized gowns: Vivian Gowns, J&C Bridal and The Gown Warehouse

Vivian Gowns

A home based bridal studio whose location is less than ideal for those staying far from the Northern part of Singapore. Her gowns are usually inspired pieces that can be customized to your needs. Off the racks, one would be able to find pieces for sale. However, be warned, should you be a UK Size 16 and above, your gowns would need to be customize and nothing really fits.

Overall, I love how she is able to customize the dress I want, but was sorely disappointed with the lack of plus size gowns for trying on.

J&C Bridal

I’ve known about them since my best friend got hitched. Their cheongsam were truly what blew me away. Especially if one has a great figure. Her designs are beautiful and there are dresses that a UK Size 14 might fit. However, they are slightly pricey and I wasn’t convinced that I would suit the customized gown that was proposed.

The Gown Warehouse

From the moment I stepped  into the Gown Warehouse, it was love at first sight. Hidden in a warehouse block in Woodlands, the tastefully decorated studio boasts of 3 fitting areas that allows for comfort. Their gown collection is staggering and best of all,  there were loads of gowns that I could try on.

Eunice, the co-owner of Gown Warehouse, was really patient with me and I really loved her service. The entire fitting and gown customization process was painless. The level of professional that they’ve shown has impressed me.

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