Year: 2015

Moments before twilight

During our trip to Bali, we headed to the beach. The coffee we had prior to our stroll to the beach was rendered useless due to the fatigue from the engagement photography session we had earlier in the day. Sunsets were always our favourite. That evening, in it’s beautiful hide and seek state, it decided to painted the sky like a beautiful painting with an array of colours that took my breathe away. He took my hand as we strolled down the beach. The closeness of him, and the way his hands holds on to mine, stirs something deep within me. Something that reminds me of how privileged I am to be his partner. In that moment, I realized, I am content and happy to travel the world with Ben. I am secure and would gladly spend the rest of my days globetrotting with only him by my side. Location: Seminyak Beach, Bali Shot with Leica M7 and Portra 400

Floral Magic | New Beginnings

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Oscar Wilde Every stalk of flower has a lifespan of its own. The path it takes to bloom and grow is similar to the one next to it, yet vastly differing in the choices it takes. Welcome to our humble little space where our life’s aim is to make life beautiful and bringing our daydreams into reality. Oh… Why live another’s life when our own life is a beautiful daydream.