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Let’s fly away to Perth, my second home

As a child, my mum used to ask me “What is a home?”. I’ve pondered over the possible answers only to have her remind me that a definite answer is one I couldn’t give her at that point of time. Over the years, the meaning of home has changed a lot for me. Home is still my country and my parent’s home, one that I grew up in. Over the years home has evolved for me, not in the physical sense, but emotionally. I used to think home is where my parents were, as long as they were there, I was home. With the passing of my mum, this meaning changed a great deal. Home, became one where my memories lies and my primary point of contact with my family.

Though I’ve traveled far and wide, Perth has always been my second home. Perhaps, it would always remain close to my heart, as it reminds me of the last trip I took with my mum. In years since that trip, Perth is an annual destination, much like a migratory route I take. It is also home to my best friend and some of the people that means the world to me.

As part of my birthday surprise, Ben booked us on a weekend trip to Perth. When I found out about the trip, I was terrified. I was worried he would hate Perth since he hasn’t been there before.

Harvest Espresso
Harvest Espresso - Ben
On one of the days, we had a delicious breakfast at a local spot called Harvest Espresso. Trust me, the food was really good for 2 starving individuals. The queue, however, took a while as the sitting area is a little smaller than most joints.

After a bout of lunch and shopping in the city, we took a 30 minutes drive out of the city to Swan Valley. There is something about Swan Valley that lures me back time after time. Perhaps it’s the delicious alcohol free wines that are being sold, the honey farm, the chocolate factory or my all time favorite – the Lavender farm.

MR - Grapes
MR - Field
MR - Horse
MR - RestuarantsDSC00589 DSC00595 DSC00609

Ahhh… Perth, I am missing you so much right now! I’d see you again in 2016. This time, I promise I would take more photos without assuming that you would always be the same whenever I return.

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