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The “Benjalyn” Girls and Boys

When we got engaged, we already had a list of people we wanted by our sides when we got married. We had asked them both personally and via text messaging, all whilst planning the perfect opportunity to bestow them a little box.


For my beautiful bridesmaid, I’ve got them each a beautiful bracelet, a bottle of Umeshu and a ball of hair-ties. Having grown up with these girls, the Umeshu represents our shared love for all things Japanese and the hair-ties are a cheeky way of returning them all the ones that I’ve borrowed from them over the years. With each box of gift, I’ve written down my gratitude to the individuals, with information cards on the expectations and the type of dresses I intend to purchase for them.


For Ben’s Groomsmen, all of whom I have a personal friendship with and love deeply, got a surprise when we gave them a gift at Ben’s birthday party. He got them each an arrow cuff-link and I managed managed to sneak in a little homemade letterpress coaster. Like the girls, each of them got information cards on what to expect.

I’ve got so much love for my wedding entourage and I can’t wait to see them all pretty and suave on the actual day!

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