Month: September 2015

Turning a year older

This year’s birthday is probably the best I’ve ever had – a surprise birthday party the night before we flew off, weekend trip to Perth, spending quality with my bestie and her family, birthday dinner at my favourite Ciao Italia and having churros on a rainy winter birthday night with my fiance and girlfriend from University. My last birthday before marriage was a success. In the year to come, I can only hope that I’d have more energy to deal with more wedding planning and not turn into a Bridezilla. Time has really flown by and looking back really helps me appreciate all the trials and adversities that I’ve been through. It made me the person I’ve became and I hope it would continue to mold me as I take on new roles – a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister in law. Cheers to another year of crazy adventures!

Let’s fly away to Perth, my second home

As a child, my mum used to ask me “What is a home?”. I’ve pondered over the possible answers only to have her remind me that a definite answer is one I couldn’t give her at that point of time. Over the years, the meaning of home has changed a lot for me. Home is still my country and my parent’s home, one that I grew up in. Over the years home has evolved for me, not in the physical sense, but emotionally. I used to think home is where my parents were, as long as they were there, I was home. With the passing of my mum, this meaning changed a great deal. Home, became one where my memories lies and my primary point of contact with my family. Though I’ve traveled far and wide, Perth has always been my second home. Perhaps, it would always remain close to my heart, as it reminds me of the last trip I took with my mum. In years since that trip, Perth is an annual destination, much …

The “Benjalyn” Girls and Boys

When we got engaged, we already had a list of people we wanted by our sides when we got married. We had asked them both personally and via text messaging, all whilst planning the perfect opportunity to bestow them a little box. For my beautiful bridesmaid, I’ve got them each a beautiful bracelet, a bottle of Umeshu and a ball of hair-ties. Having grown up with these girls, the Umeshu represents our shared love for all things Japanese and the hair-ties are a cheeky way of returning them all the ones that I’ve borrowed from them over the years. With each box of gift, I’ve written down my gratitude to the individuals, with information cards on the expectations and the type of dresses I intend to purchase for them. For Ben’s Groomsmen, all of whom I have a personal friendship with and love deeply, got a surprise when we gave them a gift at Ben’s birthday party. He got them each an arrow cuff-link and I managed managed to sneak in a little homemade letterpress coaster. …