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Take a deep breathe and begin


Every time I come back home from my travels, I would feel immensely overwhelmed by the amount of things in my room. I would want to head back into that space where I can lay back and be zen, never having to worry about the clutter that surrounds me.

Google “Tidying” and pages full of Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” pops up. Being really curious, I bought a copy of the book via Kindle and that was the start of my life changing experience.

Nobody loves clutter, well, never intentionally. Some tolerates different levels of clutters, most of the time, better than I do. Once in a while, I would be ruthless about purging the things. And yet, things still accumulates and I often find myself back to square one.

I thought I was ready for what she had to advice, but I was wrong. I had a huge “eye-opening” moments and they had caused me to reflect on the things she wrote about. I find myself being guilty of finding excuses to throw things away and it’s tough especially when it comes to memorabilia.

She suggests that we tackle the tidying by categories instead of rooms, which ensures you tidy up everything instead of bits and pieces. I wrote down her suggestions and methods of going through them before I tackled them. As a working adult, I strive to tackle it one category a weekend instead of going through it at one go. (Trust me it’s tough especially if you’ve lived in a house for almost 10 years)

Clothes are a tough part of clearing out, more than anyone expects it to be. Varity shirts and dresses from my mum were really hard to part with, yet, Kondo never once asked us to ponder over whether those has sentimental value or the cost of it. Instead, it was centered around “Does this make me happy / brings me joy”. I was ruthless and threw out almost 90% of my wardrobe. Simply put it, these clothes that I’ve kept no longer makes me happy. Now, I have more space in my wardrobe for things that I would love to keep because it brings me joy.

So here goes my journey into tidying up my clutter filled room… Perhaps I would finally finish tidying in a couple of months (due to the heavy work schedule).

Shot with Leica M7 and Portra 400

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